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Canine Influenza- Detailed Information


Published by Merck Animal Health. Information about the different strains of canine influenza, which pets are at higher risk and should be vaccinated, and symptoms to watch out for.

Veterinary Partner Website


Internet information can be misleading and inaccurate.  This website is written by veterinarians to help pet owners find helpful and reliable information about various disease conditions and management. 

ASPCA Animal Poison Control


A good resource to call if you think that your pet may have gotten into something toxic or to educate yourself on common pet toxicities.  This site is full of useful information and their toxicologists are available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



CareCredit is a resource to help pay for unexpected (or expected) expenses in health, beauty, and wellness, including some veterinary offices, specialists, and emergency clinics.  Applying only takes a few minutes and approval rate is high, plus CareCredit often offers promotional low-interest rates.  See their website or call them for details.

Companion Animal Parasite Council


With extensive information about internal and external parasites, zoonotic disease (those which people can get from animals), and up-to-date prevalence maps, the CAPC is our "go-to" organization for guidelines on parasite control.

American Heartworm Society


Everything you want to know and more about heartworm disease in our domestic animals.  This is the group that publishes statistics and guidelines for veterinarians in the U.S. on heartworm prevention and treatment. 

Information about Canine Influenza


Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy


Is your pet reluctant to get up or jump into the car? Has your pet been less active, or does your senior pet just seem to be "getting old"? These symptoms are often caused by arthritis. Just like people, our dogs and cats suffer from arthritis due to past injuries or joint damage. VetStem harvests your pet's own stem cells for injection back to your pet which leads to decreased inflammation, decreased pain, decreased scarring, and increased healing. The goal with stem cell therapy is to stop ongoing joint damage and promote healing, which leads to a return to function and increased quality of life. A nice secondary effect is the decrease or elimination of the use of arthritis drugs which don't stop ongoing joint damage, may have side effects, and are usually less effective over time.

American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery


Provides information about Low Level Light Therapy, also known as Cold Laser Therapy.  We are proud to be one of only a few clinics in Austin to provide this noninvasive treatment for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, cystitis, non-healing wounds, and incisions, just to name a few. 

Home Again Microchip Service


A microchip is only as good as its registration, so please make sure to register your pets!  Don't forget to update your information if it changes!

Heartgard Website


Information about Heartgard, the parasites it controls, and rebate programs offered by its maker Merial.  There is also a link on the website to download a free reminder app or to sign up for free monthly reminder e-mails.

NexGard Website


Information about NexGard, the parasites it controls, and rebate programs offered by its maker Merial.